Every firm today is facing complex business challenges and rapidly evolving competition. We at Penton Consulting Private Limited help companies focus on what they do best, while we take over their challenges in Strategy, HR, Go-to Market and Delivery . That is what we do best. And through it, we help you get better. 

Penton Consulting, a professionally managed Executive Search company, has established itself as a reliable partner in recruitments - nationally and internationally and now moving fast towards total HR solutions.


Since 2016, we have been serving the Engineering / Manufacturing, Construction / Infrastructure, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, FMCG, Information Technology and other industry with a bulk of our successful assignments in the Senior and Higher Middle management levels.


Our strong research team consists of team members who reach to the right candidate(s) through headhunting, company mapping, referencing etc.;


While handling search assignments on retention or exclusive basis, we explore the entire industry network and present the best available candidates to our clients;


We are working for clients from different industries from Australia, Canada, Gulf region as well




At Penton Consulting, we help you craft winning strategies; build execution powerhouses; handle complex multi-layered "go-to market" organisations across sales & marketing; develop and lead high-performance teams; build talent and organisational capabilities; use different levels of businesses to deliver sustained high-performance; turn around businesses. 


Organisations today realise HR functions have a positive impact on financial performance and long term objectivity of their organisations. By following best practises in Talent Management, Recruitment Process Out-Sourcing, Training and Development, Workforce Management etc., we enable companies become more productive and engaging. 

Penton Consulting provides end-to-end, agile talent management systems and practises that help organisations streamline their performance management, reporting and metrics analytics, fresh-hire management, automating offer letter generation etc. This saves organisations valuable time and resources to focus on their core competency and lower operational costs. Our HR services and management framework ensures consistent, transparent and on-time delivery of all necessary processes and functions. 

Penton Consulting's leadership team comes with end-to-end expertise in various functions across multiple industries such as health-care, banking & financial services, insurance, supply chain and FMCG(s). Our services will lay specific focus on attrition and payroll and various challenges faced by HR executives within organizations. This aids us structure highly effective compensation and payroll programs, customized strategies and prepare companies for future trends in organizational management. 


​We help companies, organisations, committees and other groups to help them plan and implement significant changes in their organisation, such as work re-organisation, space changes etc. We provide a productive and efficient mix of people, process & technology that enables our clients to improve and increase their productivity. This allows them to focus on operating and growing their core businesses.


We provide thorough background screening and assessment services that include - Police Record Checks, Court Record Checks, Educational Qualification Verification, Address Verification, Past Employment Verification, HR Process Audit, Vendor Screening etc. Our experienced team comprising of ex-Police, ATS, CBI etc., having years of experience identifying and tracing discrepancies; thus reducing potential exposure to risk, industrial espionage, financial loss and legal worries. 


We provide customized and secure back-end and support services to our specialized clients. This provides our clients with the time and leverage to focus on their core business operations. The 360-degree service enables us to track relevant metrics in real-time and optimize operational variables to improve productivity and profitability of our clients.


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